Art Party Descriptions


Children receive individual painting time to create a free-form painting. An instructor will give guidance on using objects to add texture, folding the paper to create symmetry, etc. We will also facilitate a group painting for the birthday child of participants' handprints or a finger-painted cake. We provide the smocks!


Acrylic or Watercolor Painting

Choose from unstructured painting time with acrylics or watercolor OR a paint-along party.


Popsicle Stick Explosions

Similar to a chain of dominoes (but more explosive), we will teach the basic units that hold together until one piece is removed, releasing the popsicle sticks. From there, children build chains of popsicle sticks. Once released, the sticks go flying!



Using scissors, glue, and paper media like magazines and printed paper, children make collage images. From wacky to beautiful, children can follow a theme or freestyle. 


Bleach Dyeing

Using bleach pens and spray bottles with a diluted bleach solution, older children permanently alter cotton-rich fabric items like t-shirts, bandanas, or hats (you supply the items). We request that adults present at the party assist our instructor to keep all children safe when working with bleach. 


art party