Birthday Party FAQs


What do we do first when we arrive at the YMCA for the party?
Upon arrival, parents/guardians of all guests are asked to inform the Front Desk they are here for a birthday party. Guests will be directed to the party room where parents/guardians will sign in their children and confirm an emergency contact number. This needs to be completed before parents/guardians leave the Y. At least one adult must stay with the party at all times. Adults to help supervise all activities. Clean-up is the responsibility of the party host (garbage bags will be available). Staff is there to assist if needed. Use of the childcare toys is not included in the birthday party agreement.


Can we bring our own food for the party? What about delivery?
You are more than welcome to provide food or snacks to party-goers! Don’t forget drinks (piñatas and confetti are not allowed). Party families are welcome to bring in pizza, subs or other birthday treats for the party guests. If you would like to order pizza or subs, you can have it delivered to the Y, and you are responsible to pay and receive the food items from the delivery person in the lobby. The Y staff is not able to order or collect money; this is the responsibility of the party parent/guardian. Please be sure to bring cake or cupcakes if you would like dessert to be served at your child’s party.


Should we bring our own towels and suits? What else may we need?
If swimming, guests need to bring their own towel and swimsuit, along with their own gym lock. Guests should bring smocks, if needed, for art parties. Sneakers are required for gym activities.


Are adults required to be in the pool?
All children will be given a swim test before they enter the pool. To ensure the safety of all, the following adult/child ratios in the pool must be strictly adhered to:

Children 3 & under= 1 adult per 2 children (adults must be in the water), Children 4 & 5= 1 adult per 3 children (adults must be in the water), and Children 6 and older= 1 adult per 6 children sitting on the deck next to the pool (adults may choose to be in the water).

Adults should help supervise deck and pool activities and direct traffic in the pool area. Adults must be present exclusively at the pool and are expected not to videotape, take pictures, etc. Adults must accompany smaller children or non-swimmers in the water. Lifeguards are not allowed to be in the water (except to execute a rescue if necessary).


Are lifeguards staffed during the birthday party?
The Y follows all safety guidelines and requirements for lifeguards, who are staffed during the birthday party times.


What is included with the birthday party package?
Included 1 hour of staff-led fun for the birthday child and guests (24 maximum) with programming choices of music, art, ½ of the gym, or shared swim time in the pool (the pool may have other swimmers in the water). Set-up and clean-up are included in the allotted 2-hour party time. Because of room availability, the birthday venue will not be available until the scheduled time. A staff member will be available for assistance with room setup (includes tables and chairs) and writing a gift list for the party host. The first hour is for the chosen activity followed by 30 minutes in the party room for food and gift opening. Art parties are limited to 20 guests.